Use of the useless: Kim jintaek’s solo exhibition
Jul 07 - Jul 30, 2012

Press Release

CURATOR: Dai Zhuo qun
PRESENTED BY: Sun Yongzeng
PROJECT COOPERATION:Liu Chen ya, Wu Ling, Zhao Huiding

ORGANIZER: White Box Museum Of Art
OPENING: Saturday , July 7, 2012, 3p.m.
DATES: July 7, 2012 –July 30, 2012
MUSEUM OPENING HOURS: 10:00 - 18:00, Tuesday - Sunday
VENUE: WHITE BOX MUSEUM OF ART, 798 Art Dist., NO.2 Jiu Xianqiao Road, Chaoyang Dist., Beijing, China
CONTACT US: +86-10-5978 4800

Curator Article

Use of the useless :Kim jintaek’s solo exhibition
CURATOR: Dai Zhuoqun

Kim jintaek was born in a traditional carpenter family in Seoul Korea, and he learned his wood crafting skills from his elders ever since he was a child.  Before he enter the people’s academy of fine art and learn sculpture, he already obtain the skill of building a house and making a matter of fact Kim jintaek was born with the love of wood, and it became his origin of creation under the modern concepts, at the same time, the experiences that he had during the years of bachelor to post graduate made him found out the differences and uniqueness between he and his mates. Under his consciousness towards the environment, Kim jintaek never drawn in the concepts of art, after a series of progressive experiments, he still choose to use his most effective skills to communicate with people, and the generation.  

Hui zi once told Zhuang zi: “I have a tree, they called it “Chu”, its branches were curved and full of knot, which made it hard to have the qualities of making a straight material or a ruler. While growing next to the road, carpenters wouldn’t even look at it.” However, Zhuang zi said: “if you got a tree like this and worried about what’s the use of it, why don’t you just plant it in a place where nothing was grown, plant it in a vast deserted land, so you can walk and sleep under the trees with great ease.”---“Xiao Yao You”

Two thousand years ago, Zhuang zi told us that “everyone has his own use, and we don’t know whether is useless or useful.” Under the spiritual fields, there are a lot of things are the “use of useless”, such as art, and old, broken, useless objects. Kim jintaek hated the rapid developments of the city that is destroying our old civilizations, so he went to all the places to collect the old roof beams, and use the furniture as a creation media to develop the recovery of its function, in order to use the figurative change to give those old things new energies and strength to continuing its life. Under Kim jintaek’s view, this “recovery” can be done from things to man, and he hopes that he can recover the humanities for himself and for the world. It’s undeniable that Kim jintaek chooses to fight the materialistic world and modern concepts with his own strength.   


    Jin Zhenzhai

Installation View


  • RH2013-03_Elm Sandalwood_157×34×105cm
  • RH2013-09 2013 Black Walnut Ash Redwood 208×43×83cm
  • RH2013-11_Oak Stone_200×33×95cm
  • RH2013-12_2013_Black Walnut Stone_67×170×47cm
  • RH2013-16 2013 Black Walnut Stone 160×57×54cm

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