Jun 21 - Aug 10, 2014

Press Release

As a celebrated contemporary artist, Wang Qingsong is highly appreciated at home and abroad. It has been 30 years for him to be engaged in the artistic creation since 1980s, participating in momentous academic exhibition in China as well as the world and was widely recognized. 
“One World, One Dream” exhibition is curated by SUE KIM, managing director of White Box Art Center, and this is the first large scale solo exhibition that she has taken charge after joining in the team. It was also the slogan of The 2008 Beijing Olympic Games that had caused the prominent changes and strikingly speeded up the internationalization, which is known to all. In the mean time, other countries and areas around the world are striving together for the unity, such as Juntos num sóritmo as the slogan of 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil. 
Named as One World, One Dream, Wang’s new work will be created in the exhibition hall in White Box Art Center, which writes the logo and titles of The Fortune Global 500 and top 500 world universities on the huge blackboard. This is to illustrate how the international integration is intensifying and the individual pursuing is happening as well as to raise concern. There are a variety of contradiction existing, reminding all of us of understanding the world from a prudent perspective. For example, circumstances and aspiration experiencing by people around the world, economic development and spiritual deprivation, national essence and cosmopolitan horizon, age-difference in individual, dream and reality, etc. 
Additionally, 5 pieces of photograph and sculptural installation works of Wang’s in recent decade that share the same criticalness will also be presented this time. He pays close attention to various issues among this changing society. For instance, Baggage was a sculpture created specifically for The 2008 Shanghai Biennial. It consisted of different kinds of baggages made of copper, warning people of the instability as a movable individual. In fact, Wang has never been diverted from his own style since 1980s, and till recent 30 years he was still keeping a close eye on issues like the humanity aspiration, faith deprivation, culture interruption, history tracing and regulation re-establishment. All of these problems revealed gradually after the Chinese economic reform, when the national emphasis is put on the economic drastic growth, and this situation was severer in the post-Olympic era. 
One World, One Dream will present Wang’s creation journey in last decade with several representative works and it will last until August 3, 2014.


Installation View


  • Dream of Migrants_170x400cm_2005
  • Poisonous Spider_80x100cm_2005
  • Temporary ward_180x320cm_C-print_2008
  • Nutrients_160x300cm_2008
  • Black Shanghai-style Handbag_bronze_2008
  • Red Square Farmer's Bag_75x48x40cm_bronze_2008
  • Luggage_ 2008
  • UN Party-left_170x280cm_2007
  • UN Party-right_ 170x280cm_2007

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