The Situation
Aug 19 - Sep 08, 2017

Press Release

The Situationhas been chosen as the title for this exhibition not only refers to  the situation of a physical place but also implies the environment or the background of an event, the facts of an issue or a matter as well as reflections on the reality.


In this exhibition, Zhang Qikai's new collection displays in the form of Conceptual art combines with content of social realities and strong visual impacted installation art language. It expresses his long time concern in human living conditions and survival situation. This concise and ingenious technique was commonly used by him in the past for emphasizing on the contradictions, the conflicts and the interests in the macroscopic world.


Expanding an art work's inner meaning and conceptual dimension through a direct approach is Zhang Qikai's consistent language system and methodology of creation. He integrates his unique perspectives, ways of expression, simple visual language and extraordinary critical thinking into his art works which representsthe skepticism attitude towards the current “status quo".


Zhang Qikai's creative method can be concluded as a way of discovery, extending and establishing the inner connection among objects which are often exhibited for their face-value on purpose. Between form and content, the artist has never over emphasizedon one or the other. Finding the right balance and combination of the two has been his tireless pursuit which has served him as a compass on his artistic journey. He eliminates all the fixed symbols from his works, but always maintains his trademarks of wits, reserved demeanor, logical interconnections and deep thinking.


Contemporary art is an attitude, a humanistic caring type that challenges corruption and insensitivity with skepticism and criticism towards"prescriptive social and cultural customs".


 Zhang Qikai's attitude in his newest collection prolongs a consistent artistic position and furthered him in reflecting on the social issues, artistic language and creative methods. The consistency of independent thinking along with skepticism and criticism will provide new and unconventional possibilities in the futureon Zhang Qikai's journey of searching for different ways to express his artistic thoughts and emotions.


Zhang Zikang


August 2017


    Zhang Qikai

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