Wen Peng

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August 1977      Ningxiang, Hunan Province, China.  
2011       Graduated from the College of Art of Hunan Normal University.
Currently lives in Changsha, Hunan, and devoted to performance, video and installation art as well as oil painting. 
December 2012  Nominated Exhibition Young Artists From Hunan

Performance art "Veneer Game" Wangjing SOHO Chinese Beijing
PAN ASIA 4 Performance Art Network ASIA 2011/Seoul Art Space-Mullae,Guangju Museum of Art,Korea
Performance art "Naihe Bridge" Liuyang River Art Garden, Changsha, China 
“Body Metaphors” Asia Contemporary Art Exhibition
Macan Internationai Performance Art Festival Asia live art showcase
WenPeng 2:54 solo exhibition China Changsha
Hunan Yoush Art Exhibition of Contemporary 
Innovation – 10 Possibilities ( JOYART, Beijing )
The 2th “ChangSha” Live Art Festival (Changsha,China)
Second Scene Arts Festival  Changsha China
WenPeng One-man Show Weeks  Beijing China
"Margin" Contemporary Art Exhibition  China Changsha
Performance "Has Been Hollowed out Shell" Wenpeng`s Solo Exhibition  Changsha China
6th changsha contemporary art exhibition
Application form of GREEN art fair2009 Beijing China 
Trends in Hubei and Hunan Chinese Contemporary Art 1985-2009 Guangzhou China
White man`s dandruff wenpeng`s solo exhibition  Changsha China
Xian No3 "guyu"performance  art festivals Xian China
Performance "to play bungee" are coming to China Performance Art Documenta Macao China 
Performance "toy mouse" 798 Art Festival Beijing China
Works "one-man show," Pingyao International Photography Exhibition Pingyao China
"Throwing Sand" and the physical body Beijing China 
"One-man Show" Song Zhuang people living Beijing China 
Oil painting "series of performance of quotation" Xinfu Contemporary Art Exhibition  Beijing  China
Performance art “Grasping thief” First changsha performance art festivals Changsha China
Joyful nightmare Wenpeng solo exhibition Beijing China
Performance art “Hoodman-blind” Changsha China
Performance art “Playing jump leo” Icefall Changsha Live Art Changsha China
Performance art “Hit shrewmouse” 5th DaDao Live Art Festivai Beijing China
Performance art “Playing pulley” The 5th chang sha contemporary art exhibition Changsha China
Performance art “Minicar” Eight areas performance art  exchange exhibition chengdu China
Performance art “Hit shrewmouse” Three-ply performance art  exhibition Changsha China
Photograph “Performance  ana” The changsha contenporary photodrapy exhibition Changsha China
7th open international performance art festival
Local Table The 4th chang sha contemporary art exhibition
Documentaries of Chinese Performance Art Macao China
The Second Triennial Of Chinese Art Nanjing China
“Search alert” 2005 Creek CG Art Exhibition  Shanghai China
“T.M.D”The 3th Changsha Contemporary Art Exhibition  Changsha China
“Artificial Happiness” China Contemporary Art Exhibition  Melboume,Australia
The first “Wink” Video Art Festival  Changsha China
Video Art Work “closer with somebody”The first Beijing International DV Forum granted award of experimented short video excellence  Beijing China
Performance “Playing with the Puppet”“The Artificial Happiness”Beijing Contemporary Art Exhibition  Beijing China
Performance “The Hottest Days”Longshe Bar  Changsha China 
Installation”Touch the Funny Cock or Duck” Reconstruction of 798Main Exhibition-echo Theme Exhibition  Beijing China
Performance”Grapes”,Installation”Touch the Funny Cock or Duck” planned the 2th Changsha Contemporary Art Exhibition  Changsha China
“Utopia”Solo Installation Art Exhibition  Changsha China
Outdoor performance series“White Colored Man” Changsha China
Performance “The Vanishing Bubbles”the first Changsha contemporary Art Exhibition  Changsha China 
Performance“The Vanishing Bubbles”The lst Changsha contemporary Art Exhibition  Changsha China
Installation“Cherishing”selected into the graduation exhibition performance“the Humble Art”,installation“palmestry”,“cherishing”Experimental Art Exhibition  Changsha China
Performance“Disinfection”,“Fast Food of Culture” Performance in a TV programme called“Urban Language and Literature”hold by ETV Changsha China
Performance“Offer Sacrifices to the Ancestors” the playground of Art College,Hunan Normal University  Changsha China
Performance“Preaching”  Pinghetang Department store Changsha China