He Wenjue

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1970   Born in Hunan China
1989   BA in Modern Art, Shenzhen University
1994 - 1997   Post Graduate Diploma in Painting, Center Academy of Fine Arts
2003   MA in Painting, Jilin Academy of Fine Arts
Currently Working and living in Beijing
Member of Chinese Art Association
Member of Chinese Painting Association
The vice-President of Hunan Oil—Painting Association

Daily Images Solo Exhibitions  798White Box of Beijing  (Hangzhou, China)
Bi—Cities: Solo Exhibitions of Chinese New Painting- He wenjue.《Daily Images》 Tian    Ren He Yi Art Center (Hangzhou, China)
Robb Report Cover Exhibition China Central Place (Hangzhou, China)
Movie Watching—He Wenjue’s Contemporary Painting Exhibition Shanghai Pudong International Airport (Shanghai, China)
Supper in Great Times, Michael Schultz Gallery Beijing (Beijing , China)
Crossover Report, solo exhibition CROSSOVERCENTER (Beijing , China)
He Wenjue·Watch Movie 2008, Beyond Art Space (Beijing 798, China) 
He Wenjue Solo Exhibition, Frank Schlag Gallery (Essen, Germen)
He Wenjue Solo Exhibition, Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art (Shanghai, China)
Water·Senses of Sparkle, Tang Gallery (Bangkok, Thailand)
Water·Discovery, Holy Oriental Art Gallery (Beijing, China)
He Wenjue Solo Exhibition  Yang Gallery (Singapore, Singapore)
Water·Transient Shimmering, Hanmo Gallery (Beijing, China)
Sunshine·Green Waters, Sanhe Art Museum (Beijing, China)
Exhibition of He Wenjue’s Oil Paintings, Hunan Art Academy Museum (Changsha, China)
He Wenjue Solo Exhibition, Hongqiao Computer City (Shanghai, China)

“Collect China” Winshare Contemporary Collection Art Exhibition in 2013  Winshare contemporary art display (Chengdu, China)

Shanghu Art Bank——The Second Round of Chinese New Painting  Shang Hu Liu Dong Art Museum (Beijing, China)
“South North. West East” GroupArtExhibition  Yunnan Museum (Kunming, China)
The 2nd Western China International Art Exhibition   The Cultural and Art Center of Yinchuan ,Ningxia (Yinchuan,China) 
Art .Frontier——The Contemporary Art Exhibition     Song Villiage,Beijing (Beijing, China)
Shanghu Art Bank——The First Round of Chinese New Painting  Shang Hu Liu Dong Art Museum(Beijing, China)
The 13rd Venice Architecture Biennale—“Water Republic” Venice EMG.Art  (Venice, Italy)
“Social Landscape “—The 1st  Suzhou Jinji Lake Biennale,  Suzhou and Basel Contemporary Art Center (Suzhou China)
Come and Go—The Opening Exhibition of Shang Hu Liu Dong Art Center Shang Hu Liu Dong Art Center (Beijing China)
Embroidery with the Times—New Hunan Embroidery. Academic Exhibition, The Museum of Hunan Province  (Changsha, China)     
Annual Exhibition of Chinese New Painting TianRenHeYi Art Center (Hangzhou, China)    
Duet—Art Invitation Exhibition  YuAo Art Center   (Chongqing, China)
Deconstruction and Style   Invitation Exhibition ofChinese 
Contemporary Art       Manai Art Space    (Beijing, China)
SEA OF PEACE    Japan-Korea Contemporanry Art Exhibition  (Korea, Incheon)
Faces and Figures   Galerie Noah  (Augsburg,Germany)
Splendor     798YangGallery  (Beijing, China)
East side   MICHAEL SCHULTZGALLERY  (Berlin, Germany)
Vanhaerents Museum Collection   VanhaerentsArtCollection  (Brussel Belgium)
OUR HOME  ITC Century Fortune Centre  (Beijing, China)
THE REALM  JingYi Art Space  (Beijing, China)
Unable Absence _Winshare Contemporary Art Display  (Chengdu China)
China Welcomes You,  Oldenburger Stadtmuseum  (Germany)
Lebenslust & Totentanz , Kunsthalle Krems (Austria)
Contemporary rhetoric , Celling Gallery Co.ltd    (Chongqing,China)       
“Ways of Seeing” Contemporary Art Exhibition, Ridge Gallery (Chongqing, China)
Contemporary Art Week  (Wenzhou,China)
“Beijing Time” La Celeste Art Carnival, Beijing La Celeste Gallery  (Beijing, China)
Change of the History - 1999 - 2009 Contemporary Chinese Art,  Today Art Museum   (Beijing, China)
Vogue(man) - “Ten Aspects of Modernism” Art Exhibition 798 D - PARK (Beijing, China)
Come and Go - Art Makes Life More Beautiful Contemporary Art Exhibition   
Himalayas Art Museum   (Shanghai, China)
“Asia.@Asia” The 24th Asian International Art Exhibition, Kuala Lumpur National Art Museum   (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
Passing By - Group Exhibition of Contemporary Artists,  Shengzhi Art Center   (Beijing, China)
Individual Bank Department of the Bank of China(Wuhan) Chinese Contemporary Art, Individual Bank Department of the Bank of China  (Wuhan, China)
  The Light from the East,Korea Exhibition  (Beijing, China)
The 24th Asian Contemporary Art Exhibition Malaysia National Museum (Kuala lumpur, Malaysia)
The 4th Chengdu Biennial, Chengdu International Exhibition Center  (Chengdu, China)
Trends in Hunan and Hubei - Chinese Contemporary Art in Hunan and Hubei, Guangdong Art Museum  (Guangdong, China)
In a Cosmopolitan City  -  Group Exhibition of Contemporary Chinese Art, Meridian International Center  (Washington, U.S.A.) 
Chinese Contemporary Art 2008. Korea National Art Museum   (Seoul, Korea)
The 7 th Shanghai International Biennial, Shanghai Art Museum  (Shanghai, China)
Face - Off, Post Modernism in Chinese Contemporary Art, Shenzhen HUA Art Museum   (Shenzhen, China)
Olympic Fine Arts Game 2008, China International Exhibition Center (Beijing, China)
86 Steps to Nine Layers Heaven, Beyond Art Space      (Beijing, China)
From Ancient Olympia to Beijing, Hellenic Home        (Beijing, China)
China Sound·Power Contemporary Art Exhibition, Ausa Art Space (Hong Kong, China)
Heiqiao Contemporary Art Exhibition, Heiqiao Art Museum 08    (Beijing, China)

Beyond Reality - Chinese Contemporary Art Group Show, Beyond Art Space   (Beijing, China)        
Without Fears·Contemporary Art Exhibition, Holy Oriental Art Gallery  (Shanghai,China)         
15 Contemporary Chinese Artists, Art Season     (Lake Zurich, Switzerland)
Far Off·Chinese Contemporary, Hunan Art Institution Art Museum 
(Changsha, China)
Contemporary Chinese Art Invitation Exhibition, Triumph Art Space (Beijing, China)
Floating - Contemporary Chinese Art, Korea National Art Museum  (Seoul, Korea)
Contemporary Chinese Art,  Zhuopu Art Center    (Taiwan,China)
Contemporary Chinese Art Documenta, Millennium Museum      (Beijing, China)
Today Art Exhibition,  China National Art Museum      (Beijing, China)
Reconstruction - Contemporary Art Exhibition of 10 Artists, Beijing Art Institution Art Museum (Beijing, China)
Contemporary Chinese Art, Opera Gallery Paris     (Paris, London)
Standpoint - Chinese Contemporary Art, Cube Gallery        (Beijing, China)
Leave or Enter Hunan - Contemporary Chinese Art, Rui De Gallery  (Changsha, China)
Shanghai Spring Salon of Art Exhibition, Shanghai International Exhibition Center   (Shanghai, China)
Moving Socialism - the Contemporary Chinese Art, 798 Space    (Beijing China)
The 1st Contemporary Chinese Art Yearbook Exhibition, Millennium Museum   (Beijing, China)
About Life - Contemporary Art Exhibition, 3818 Cool Gallery     (Beijing, China)
21st Century China and Korea Young Artists Invitation Exhibition, Central Academy of Fine Arts Museum   (Beijing, China)
Limited Space - Contemporary Art Exhibition, Tongzhou     (Beijing, China)
Image Coke Cola - Contemporary Art Exhibition, Jilin Art Museum  (Jilin, China)
China International Gallery Art Exposition, China World Trade Center   (Beijing, China)
Visually Beautiful - Shanghai Young Artists Exhibition, Liu Haishu Art Museum (Shanghai, China) won the prize 
Art and Integrity - China Gallery Shanghai Invitation Exhibition, Yuanming Culture & Art Center     (Shanghai, China)
Paper·Touching - Contemporary Art Exhibition, Jilin Art Museum  (Jilin, China)
Guangzhou International Art Fair    (Guangzhou, China)
Vanity Fair - New Power of The Oil Painting, Spring - Hanmo Art Museum    (Shanghai&Beijing, China)
Shanghai Spring Salon of Art Exhibition, Shanghai International Exhibition Center        (Shanghai, China)
Character·Glamor - Exhibition of Art, Sanhe Art Museum     (Beijing, China)
Exhibition of Nominated Excellent Young Artists,Today Art Museum  (Beijing, China)
The 11th Annual Asian Artists Fellowships at the Vermont Studio Center, 2003 (Johnson,Vermont, U.S.A) awarded the Fellowship
The 10th National Annual Fine Arts Exhibition, Guangdong Museum, won the Silver Prize (Changsha, China)
Jilin Young Artists Exhibition, Far East Art Museum (Changchun,China), won the Copper Prize
Series Invitation Exhibition - Still Life Art Exhibition, Daopu Center of Artists  (Beijing, China)
The 3rd Chinese Oil Painting Exhibition, China National Art Museum  (Beijing, China)
Our Vision - Shanghai Young Artists Exhibition, Liu Haisuo Art Museum, won the Silver Prize; the work was collected by the museum
The 1st Daopu Art Center Invitation Exhibition, Daopu Art Center  (Beijing, China)
The 10th National Military Fine Arts Exhibition, Chinese Military Museum   (Beijing, China)
Chinese Oil Painting Exhibition, Hangzhou Museum (Hangzhou, China), won the Silver Prize; the work was collected by the museum
Selected as one of the Ten Outstanding Hunan Young Artists, Hunan Art Association, Woman Body was collected
The 9th National Annual Fine Arts Exhibition, Shanghai Art Museum  (Shanghai, China)
Graduation Works Exhibition - Master of Painting, Center Academy of Fine Arts   (Beijing, China)
International Chinese Painting Exhibition, China National Art Museum (Beijing, China)
Striding towards the New Century - Chinese Young Painters’ Exhibition, China National Art Museum (Beijing, China), won the nomination prize; the work was collected by the museum; interviewed by CCTV “Starry Sky of Fine Arts” program
The 9th Military Fine Arts Exhibition, China National Art Museum (Beijing, China), Deng Xiaopin was collected by the Overseas Chinese Museum
The 2nd Still Life Fine Arts Exhibition, China National Art Museum (Beijing, China)
International Young Artists Work Communication Exhibition 95, Contemporary Art Museum (Beijing, China)                      

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