Ma Liuming

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1969 Born in Huangshi, Hubei Province, China 
1993 Lives and works in Beijing, China  

1981 Painting training with tutor Cai Erhe
1987-1991 Oil Painting Department, Hubei Academy of Fine Arts

Tenth of a second: Fen-Ma Liuming after twenty years,White Box Museum Of Art,Beijing
Dissociation, 2011 Art Changsha, Hunan Museum, Changsha, China
Ma Liuming, Marella Gallery, Milan, Italy 
Ma Liuming, Artside Gallery, Seoul, Korea
Ma Liuming, Gallery Albert Benamou, Paris, France  
Ma Liuming, Beijing Art Now Gallery, Beijing, China   
Ma Liuming Performance Chosen Images, Aura Gallery, Shanghai, China
Fen· Ma Liuming, Top Space, Tai Kang Life Building, Beijing, China
2003 Any Day, Performance at Fukuoka Asian Art Museum, Japan
Ma Liuming, Chinese Contemporary Gallery, London, UK
Ma Liuming, Soobin Art Gallery, Singapore 
Ma Liuming, Tensta Konsthall, Sweden  
Ma Liuming, Gallery Q, Tokyo, Japan 
Fen· Ma Liuming in Montreal, Performance at Studio 303, Festival Art 
Action Actual, Montreal, Canada 
Fen· Ma Liuming in Lyon, Performance at LES SUBSISTANCESTM, 
Festival Polysonneries, Lyon, France
Fen· Ma Liuming in Odense, Performance at Kunsthallen Brandts Kladefabrik, 
3rd International Performance festival, Odense, Danmark
Fen· Ma Liuming in Istanbul, Performance at Imperial Mint, 7th International 
Istanbul Biennial, Turkey
Perfect day II, Performance at The Maiden’s Tower, 7th International Istanbul Biennial, Turkey
Fen· Ma Liuming in Lisbon, Performance at Filomena Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal
Untitled, Performance at Dilston Grove Church, Span 2 International  
Performance Art, London, UK
Fen· Ma Liuming in Jakarta, Performance at Theater Utan Kayu, Jakarta, Indonesia, JIPAF-2000
Fen· Ma Liuming in Kwangju, Performance in Kwangju, Korea, Kwangju Biennial 2000
Fen· Ma Liuming in Düsseldorf, Performance at Kunstraum, Germany, Performance 
Art in NRW 2000
Fen· Ma Liuming in Münster, Performance at Stadt, Ausstellungshalle, Germany, 
Performance Art in NRW 2000
Five Minutes of Performance, Performance at Maschinenhaus/Zeche Carl, Essen, Germany. 
Performance Art in NRW 2000
Perfect Day I, Performance at Baan Chao Praya, 3rd International Performance Art 
Festival Bangkok, Thailand
Ma Liuming,  Jack Tilton Gallery, New York
Fen· Ma Liuming in London, Performance at Chinese Contemporary Gallery, London, UK
Fen· Ma Liuming in Geneva, Performance in Geneva, Switzerland, Performance Index Festival
Fen· Ma Liuming in Basel, Performance in Basel, Switzerland,  Performance Index Festival
Fen· Ma Liuming at SFMOMA, Performance in SFMOMA, USA, Inside Out: New Chinese Art
Fen· Ma Liuming in Enns, Performance in Enns, Austria, Performance Festival
Fen· Ma Liuming in Nagoya, Performance in Nagoya, Japan, NIPAF Summer Seminar ’99 
Fen· Ma Liuming in Tokyo II, Performance in Tokyo, Japan, NIPAF Summer Seminar ’99
Fen· Ma Liuming in Lizuna Heights ‘Shinano Sansou’, Performance in ‘Shinano Sansou’, 
Japan, NIPAF Summer Seminar ’99
Fen· Ma Liuming in Nagano II, Performance in Nagano, Japan, NIPAF Summer Seminar ’99
Fen· Ma Liuming in Münich, Performance in Munich, Germany, Theater Festival Spielaet ’99
Chaos & Birth/Ma Liuming’98, Gallery Q. Tokyo, Japan. 
Fen· Ma Liuming Walks the Great Wall, Performance in Simatai, Beijing, China
Fen· Ma Liuming at P.S.1, Performance at P.S.1. Contemporary Art Center, New York, 
Inside Out: New Chinese Art
Fen· Ma Liuming at the Setagaya Art Museum, Performance at the Setagaya Art  Museum, 
Tokyo, Japan, Degenderism
36 Self Taken Photographs by Fen· Ma Liuming  II, Performance at the Setagaya Art Museum, 
Tokyo, Japan, Degenderism 
Fen· Ma Liuming in Breda, Performance in Breda, Holland, Another Long March
Fen· Ma Liuming in Alma, Performance in Alma, Quebec, Canada, Performance Asiatiques
Fen· Ma Liuming at Le Lieu, Performance in Quebec City, Canada, Performance Asiatiques
Fen· Ma Liuming in Trois-Rivieres, Performance in Trois-Rivieres, 
Quebec, Canada, Performance Asiatiques
Fen· Ma Liuming in Toronto, Performance in Toronto, Canada, Performance Asiatiques
Ma Liuming, Chinese Contemporary Gallery, London, UK 
Fen· Ma Liuming in Tokyo I, Performance at the International Forum, Tokyo, Japan, NIPAF’96
Fen· Ma Liuming in Nagano I, Performance at the Worker Welfare Cultural Center, 
Nagano, Japan, NIPAF ’96
Fen· Ma Liuming III, Performance in Beijing, China
Fish Child, Performance in Beijing, China
36 Self Taken Photographs by Fen· Ma Liuming I, Performance in Beijing, China
Fen· Ma Liuming and the Fish, Performance in Beijing, China
Original Sound, 10 artists solo Performance, Beijing, China
Fen· Ma Liuming II, Performance in Beijing East Village, China
Fen· Ma Liuming’s Lunch I, Performance in Beijing East Village, China
Fen· Ma Liuming’s Lunch II, Performance in Beijing East Village, China
Dialogue with Gilbert and George, Performance in Beijing East Village, China
Fen· Ma Liuming I, Performance in Beijing East Village, China
Fen· Ma Liuming Says, Performance in Beijing East Village, China
Caught by Beijing police after realizing this Performance, sent to prison for two months
The Artists of Beijing East Village Dispersed

Re-History : Chinese Contemporary Art Invitation Exhibition, Shenzhen Art Museum, Shijiazhuang Art Museum, 
Beijing G-Dot Art Space ,Hubei art Museum
Xi Chang Diary, Chengdu Blue roof Art Gallery, Sichang
Secret Love, Museum of Art Eastern Antiquities , Sweden
Magnanimity : Collection of Atypical Works by 21 Chinese Artists, White Box, 798 Factory, Beijing
Conceptual Renewal : Short History of Chinese Contemporary Photographical, Si Shang Art Museum, Beijing
The Document of Chinese Performance 1986-2009, Song Zhuang Art Museum, Beijing, China

Expression of Chinese Contemporary Art, Today Art Museum. Beijing, China
Balance of Movement –Attitude to Asian Contemporary, Soka Art Center, Beijing, China
Retrospect and Prospect: Hubei Oil painting Art Exhibition, Hubei Museum of Art, China
Our Home Land, Beijing Business Today, Beijing, China
Relation, Cross the Duplicity, Art Side Gallery, 798 Factory, Beijing, China
The Red Exhibition, 10 Chancery Lane Gauery, Hong Kong, China
Contemporary Chinese Photography, Florida Museum of Photography, USA
Action-Camear – Beijing Performance Photography, Morrisand Helen Belkin Art Gallery, Vancouver, Canada 
Trends in Hubei and Hunan, Guangdong Art Museum, China  
Retrospect and Exploration - A Selected Collection From Fine Arts Literature Art Center, 
Hubei Museum of Art, China
China Revisualized & The Banner of Urban Culture Xi’an Qujiang International Contemporary 
Art Festival, China
China: the Contemporary Rebirth, Palszzo Reale, Milan, Italy
China Gold, Museum Maillol, Paris, France
Beijing-Athens, Contemporary Art from China, Technopolis of the City of Athens, Greece
China, Beyond Socialist Realism, Chosun ilbo Museum, Seoul, Korea
Avant-Garde China, The National Art Center, Tokyo, Aichi Prefectural Museum, The National Museum
of Art, Osaka
China forward, Tsum Department Store, Moscow
Encounters, Pace Beijing, Factory 798, Beijing
Chinese Contemporary, From Side to the Center, ArtSide Gallery, Factory 798, Beijing
Telltale Paintings, Dialogue of Dialogue Space, Beijing
Interactive—2008, Chinese Contemporary Oil Painting Invitational Exhibition, 
Wuhan Art Museum, Wuhan, China 
Timerol, Intimacy, Triennale, Milan, Italy
Political art, The State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow
      Made in China: Works from the Estella Collection, Louisiana museum Art, Denmark; Jerusalem, 
The Israel Museum, Israel
Dragon’s Evolution, New York China-Square Art Center, U.S.A
Art Now–Shanghai, Beijing Art Now Gallery ( Shanghai Station ), Shanghai, China
Photography of Performance in China, Ying Gallery, Factory 798, Beijing, China
Works on Paper, Goedhuis Contemporary, New York
Roosting in Beijing: Recent Performance Art videos from China, Part of the "Aftermath", Artspace, Sydney
The Scenery of Desire Shang Yang and His Students Art Exhibition, Bridge Gallery, 
Beijing and MOCA Shijiazhuang
One Sleep for Ten Years, Hejing Yuan Art Gallery, Songzhuang, Beijing, China
Moli, 15 Chinese Contemporary Artist in Art Seasons Lake Zurich, Switzerland
A New Realm, A Grand Vision of Contemporary Chinese Art, Soka Art Center, Taipei
China Next Door, PAN Palazzo delle Arti di Napoli, Naples, Italy
JIANG HU, Tilton Gallery, New York, USA
A Point in Time, Wuhan, Wuhan City Fine Arts Literature, Hubei, China
The Great Performance, Max Protech Gallery, New York, USA
Long March Capital, Long March Space, Factory 798, Beijing, China
2006 China Contemporary Art Festival, Korea
Re-Excavate the Contemporary Realism, Soka Art Center, Beijing, China
Process & Expression, Star 85 Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
Chinese Avantguard Photography Since 1990 – Self – Landscape in Changing, 
Asia Art Center, Beijing, China
Beyond Foreordination – Contemporary Photography Exhibition, Art Seasons Gallery, 
Factory 798, Beijing, China
Common Link, Vanessa Art link, Beijing, China
China, Palazzo Saraceni and San Giorgio in Poggiale, Bologna, Italy 
Dream Producers (II/VI): The Imaginary Museum of Chinese Contemporary Art, 
Xin Dong Cheng Space for Contemporary Art, Factory 798, Beijing, China   
Prague Biennale 2, Prague, Rep. Czech  
Mahjong, Switzerland 
The Gesture. A Visual Library in Progress, Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, Greece; Quarter, 
The New Center of Contemporary Art in Florence, Italy 
The Strange Heaven-Contemporary Chinese photography, Museum of Contemporary 
Art Helsinki, Finland 
Beijing Contemporary, Gallery Kamp, Munich, Germany  
Exhilaration, Aura Gallery, Shanghai, China
Xianfeng – Chinese avant-garde sculpture, Museum Beelden aan Zee / Waanders Uitgevers, Holland 
The Wall – Reshaping Contemporary, Millennium Art Museum, Beijing, China; 
Albright-Knox Gallery, Buffalo, New York 
Mayfly, Beijing Commune, Beijing, China 
From Jing De Zhen to PVC, Chinese Contemporary, Beijing, China 
Tirana Biennial, Albania 
Cina, Pitta Contemporanea, Palazzo Bricherasio,Torino, Italy
Cina, Prospettive Contemporanea, Spazio Oberdan, Milano, Italy
Me, Me, Me, Courtyard Gallery, Beijing, China 
China, The body Everywhere, Museum of Contemporary Art, Marseille, France 
Forbidden Senses? Espace Culturel Francois Mitterrand de Perigueux, 
Ancien Eveche de Sarlat, France 
Examining My Own Practice, London, UK  
Celebrating 20 Years of Hanart T Z Gallery, Hong Kong Arts Centre, Hong Kong
Chinese eyes, Goedhuis Contemporary, New York, USA 
New perspectives in Chinese painting, Marella Arte Contemporanea, Milano, Italy 
Hua Jia Di, China Art Seasons, Beijing, China
Between Past and Future: New Photography and Video from China, International Center 
of Photography, New York; Chicago David Alfred Smart Museum of Art; Seattle Art Museum; 
Victoria Albert Museum of London
Camera / Action: Performance and Photography, Museum of Contemporary Photography, 
Chicago, USA 
Posers, Courtyard Gallery, Beijing, China 
Face to Face, Aura Gallery, Shanghai, China 
Entrance, Aura Gallery, Shanghai, China
China Art Now-Out of the Red, Marella Arte Contemporanea, Milano, Italy; 
Flash Art Museum, Trevi, Italy
Corps de Chine, Gallery Anne Lettree, Paris, France  
Femmes de Chine, Gallery Veronique Maxe, Paris, France  
The Rencontres d’Arles Festival, Arles, France  
The Strange Heaven-Contemporary Chinese photography, Gallery Rudolfinum, 
Prague, Rep. Czech 
Peripheries Become the Center, Prague Biennale 1, Prague, Rep. Czech   
Bare Androgyny, Factory 798, Beijing, China
Art Moscow, Moscow, Russia
Korean and Chinese Painting-2002 new expression, Seoul Arts Center, Korea 
International Exhibitionist, Curzon Soho Cinema, London, UK 
Chinese Modernity, Fondation Armando Alvares Penteada, Sao Paulo, Brazil 
Paris-Pekin, Paris, France 
New Photography from China, CourtYard Gallery, Beijing, China 
Reinterpretation: A Decade of Experimental Chinese Art 1990-2000, The first 
Guangzhou Triennial , China  
Translated Acts, Museo de Arte Carrillo Gil  ( Carrillo Gil Museum ), Mexico City
The 2nd Pingyao International Photography Festival: Chinese’s New Photography, China 
When it rains it pours, DDM, Shanghai, China
Translated Acts, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin, Traveling exhibition: Translated Acts, 
16th October–1st February 2002, Queens Museum of Art, New York 
Hot Pot, Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo, Norway 
On Boys and Girls, Upriver Loft, Kunming, Yunnan, China 
Egofugal, The 7th International Istanbul Biennial, Istanbul, Turkey
Naked, Wood Street Gallery, Pittsburgh, U.S.A
Manly, Art in General, New York 
Man and Place, Kwangju Biennial 2000, Korea  
Invisible Boundary: Metamorphosed Asian Art, Asian Section of Kwangju Biennial 2000; 
Utsunomiya Museum of Art, Japan
Time of Reviving, Exhibition of Contemporary Chinese Art in 2000, Upriver Gallery, China 
The Figure Another Side Of Modernism, Sung-Harbor Cultural Center, INC, New York 
Our Chinese friends, ACC Gallery Weimar / Neudeli-Gallerie der Bauhaus
(in collaboration with Gallerie Urs Meile - Lucerne ), Germany 
Utopia, International Exhibition at Rogaland Kunst Museum, Norway 
Chinese Performance,  J G M Gallery, Paris, France
Pink for Boys/Blue for Girls, NGBK, Berlin 
Aperto Over All,  The 48th Biennale of Venice, Italy
Video of Performances, Autonomous Action, The large Glass. Auckland, New Zealand
Tamavivant’98, Tama Art University, Tokyo, Japan
Inside Out: New Chinese Art, P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center, New York; 
SFMOMA, MARCO - Mexico, Australia, Hong Kong…
Degenderism, Setagaya Art Museum, Tokyo, Japan
Photographs of Performances, Jack Tilton Gallery, New York 
Photographs and Video from China, Max Protech Gallery, New York 
Another Long March, Breda, Holland
China Avant-garde Material Exhibition, Gallery Q & QS, Tokyo and Fukuoka, Japan
Contact of the Third Kind, Performance in Beijing, China
The Anonymous Mountain Raised by a Meter, Performance in Beijng, China 
Nine Holes, Performance in Beijing, China
Guangzhou Biennial, China
Series of Situations, Performance at Hubei Academy of Fine Arts, Hubei, Wuhan, China