Wang Jiazeng

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Born in the city of Shenyang in 1963

1992 graduated from the Department of Printmaking Luxun Academy of Fine Arts.

1993 Postgraduate Program sponsored by Central Academy of Fine Arts in oilpainting techniques

1992 – 2012 professor of Luxun Academy of Fine Arts, currently professor of Department of Paintings, School of Art Renmin University of China.


Solo Exhibitions

2018 “Spectres of Yesteryear”, an exhibition at Zhuzhong Art Museum Beijing

June 2017 “ Anonymous Land” , an exhibition at Peninsula Art Gallery Shanghai

May 2017 “Wang Jiazeng’s Paintings on Paper, an exhibition, Beijing

April 2016 “Trace of A City” , an exhibition at China Enterprise Finance Museum, Shenyang

August 2014 “Industrial Prints”, an exhibition at Taipei

April 2014 “Industrial Diary – Wang Jiazeng’s Oil painting”, an exhibition at Jinan Art Museum, Jinan

November 2012 “Wang Jiazeng’s Works”, an exhibition at Aimer  Art Museum, Beijing

March 2012 “Quietness amid Noise”, an exhibition at Joy Art Museum,Beijing

September 2011 “Wang Jiazeng’s Paintings on Paper”, an exhibition at Yun Gallery, Beijing

March 2011 “Primary Color”, an exhibition of oilpaintings at Today Art Museum, Beijing

May 2010 “Wang Jiazeng’sPrintmakings”, an exhibition at Dunhuang Gallery, Shanghai

March 2009 “Existence”, exhibition of Wang Jiazeng’s works, Joy Art Museum , Beijing

March 2009 “Wang Jiazeng’s Works on Paper”, an exhibition at XYZ ArtGallery, Beijing

August 2008 “Salute to Life”, Wang Jiazeng’s oilpaintings exhibition, 800 Art Gallery, Shanghai

July 2008 “Wang Jizzeng’sPrintmakings”, XYZ Gallery, Beijing

July 2008 “Hard to Relieve”, exhibition of oilpaintings, Beijing

August 2008 “People in Boxes”, oilpaintings exhibition, Highland Gallery, Beijing

March 2002 “Exhibition of Wang Jiazeng’s Works”, Art Center, Shanghai


Prize-winning Record

Luxun Printmaking Prize

Bronze of 14th National Printmaking Exhibition of China

Bronze of 15th National Printmaking Exhibition of China

Silver of 7th Printmaking Exhibition

Silver of 8th Printmaking Exhibition

Silver of 17th Printmaking Exhibition

Prize of Excellence of 16th National Printmaking Exhibition

Academy Award of Art Academies of China Exhibition

Prize of Excellence of 19thNational Printmaking Exhibition


Public Collections

Over 60 paintings have been collected by The British Museum,Ashmolean Museum,Dusseldorf Museum, China Art

Museum, Shanghai Art Museum, Guangdong Art Museum, CAFA Art Museum, China Print Art Museum, Beijing Today Art Museum, Zhejiang Art Museum Guan Shanyue Art Museum and museums

in Anhui, Sichuan, Guizhou, Qingdao, Liaoning, Heilongjiang,




“Chinese Artist Today – Wang Jiazeng”,  “Collection of Wang Jiazeng’s

Works” ,“Wang Jiazeng’s Copper Plate”