Jorinde Voigt

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Born in 1977 in Frankfurt am Main. Lives and works in Berlin.


Jorinde Voigt is a researching artist. In her drawings, prints, and paintings, she delves deeply into terminologies, processes, and phenomena, is inspired by literature and music, and transforms her observations into a highly aesthetic and fascinating formal vocabulary. After initial experiments with photography as an artistic and documentary medium, she soon turned to drawing with lines, colors, and her own handwriting, with which she discovered possibilities of expression for repetitions, condensations, and simultaneities within a spatiotemporal framework. The structures derived from musical notations and scores, which characterize Voigt’s works on paper and are also reminiscent of diagrams or scientific (hypothetical) models, are marked by strict regimentation, an inner logic, and a meandering freedom, an open, flowing motion of the different elements.


While still at school, Jorinde Voigt began professional training as a musician and studied the violoncello at the Academy for Musical Art in Düsseldorf.In music, she later recognized a time-based structure founded on clear laws, which can nevertheless transport individual and emotional contents. She succeeded in transferring these features into a simultaneously controlled and spontaneous language of signs, which always bears within itself the dynamism of its genesis, the performative physical exertion of her own body.

The starting point for her graphic-painterly thought processes, which are generally reflected in comprehensive work groups, can derive from works from art history, scientific phenomena, or philosophic and literary texts, which Jorinde Voigt analyzes, questions, and finally translates into images using her own set of rules. She has thus translated her experience of reading texts by Arthur Schopenhauer, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, and Niklas Luhmann—as well as temperature curves, acoustic impulses, and the flight paths of an eagle—into drawings.


She has since expanded her boundaries of her genre. In addition to drawings, her intelligent artistic cosmos is also enhanced by paintings and silhouette-like collages, as well as objects and installations. Voigt describes her artistic process of the past few years as a “development from the construed to the model-like […], from imaginative space to experiential space,” in which she continues to sound out man’s possibilities of orientation and perception.