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1968 Born in Chongqing

1991 Graduated from the oil painting department of Zhejiang Academy of Fine Arts (Now :The China Academy ofArt)

Associate Professor, Sichuan Fine Arts Institute.

A member of the chinese artists association

Lives and works in Beijing and Chongqing,China


Solo Exhibitions

2014 Zhong Biao:Blown Over,Tivat Naval Heritage Collection Museum, Tivat,Montenegro


2013 Tailoring Clouds:Zhong Biao’s 15-Day Museum ,Suzhou Art Museum,Jiangsu,China


The Universe of Unreality:Zhong Biao’s Visions ,Santa Maria della Visitazione,Venue,Italy



2012 Zhong Biao Solo Exhibition,Hidden in the Depths of Reality,Opera Gallery,Singapore

2011 Zhong Biao-Reflected on Air,Frey Norris Contemporary & Modern,San Francisco,USA


2010 For The Future, Z-art Center, Shanghai,China


2009 The Tendency of Events - Zhong Biao Solo Exhibition ,Yuz Art Museum, Jakarta ,Indonesia


2008 Revelation—Zhong Biao Solo Exhibition, SHiNE ART SPACE, Shanghai,China


2007 Beyond Painting - Works by Zhong Biao, Xin Dong Cheng Space for Contemporary Art, ,Beijing, China

Splendid ― Over 10 Years of Exploration,Olyvia Oriental Gallery,London,England



Group Exhibitions

2014  The history Chinese dream ,China Art Museum, Beijing, China


2013  Portrait of the Times- 30 Years of Chinese Contemporary Art, Power Station of Art, Shanghai ,China

"New Sights in Chinese Contemporary Art," Sofia Contemporary Art Museum, National Contemporary Art Museum of Romania, National Castel Museum of Cezch.


2012  Creative city --2012 London Art Exhibition , Bobbi Lincoln Center, London

In the contemporary-the first China Oil Painting Biennial ,China Art Museum, Beijing, China

2011  Ideology and Manifestation Winshare Art Museum, Chengdu, China

2010  Reshaping History: Chinese art from 2000 to 2009, China National Convention Center, Beijing, China

2009  Embrace!  Denver Art Museum, Denver, USA

 Beijing - Havana:  New Contemporary Chinese art Revolution,Cuba Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, Havana,Cuba

2008  Hypallage—The Postmodern Mode of Chinese Contemporary Art, The OCT Art & Design Gallery, Shenzhen, China

Today's China, Belvue Museum, Brussels, Belgium

55 Days in Valencia: Chinese Art Meeting,Instituto Valenciano de Arte Moderno(IVAM),Spain

Beijing -Athens Contemporary Art From China ,Technopolis of the city of Athens, Athens ,Greece

2007  Chinese Contemporary Sotsart, The State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, Russia

Thermocline of Art-New Asian Waves, ZKM, (Center for Art and Media), Karlsruhe, Germany

2006-2007  China Now - Wiedergeburt des Mystischen , The ESSL Collection Museum, Austria、Cobra Amsterdam, Holland