Li Di

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1963 Born in China

1984 1984 Arts award for painting of

the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing.

1985 Arts award for painting of the National Art-Gallery, Beijing.

Lectureship at the Central Academy of Performing Arts.

1986 Graduate from the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing.

1995 Graduate from the Academy of Fine Arts Braunschweig Germany.

Now living in Beijing, China



Crusader Li DI Solo Exhibiton, Whitebox Art Center Beijing

Chinese after six zero Art Exhibition, Space Art Bin Fen Beijing


The Art of Harbin- Contemporary Art of China, Harbin

2014 Exhibition of International Realistic and Abstract Art,

Cultural Center of Ningbo


On the Way home

the 9th Shanghai Biennale Special Project Mingyuan

Contemporary Art of China, Steinitz Gallery Paris, French

LiDi/Cai Qing-Exhibition,

Marseille Chamber of Commerce and Industry, French

Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition,

The National Gallery of Bosnia and Herzegovina,

Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts

2013 First China Installation Art Biennale,

Museum of Contemporary Art Tianjing

The drift of the Academy of Fine Arts,

Sunshine International Art Museum, Beijing


Chinese Expressionism 2012,

Fenghuang Museum of Art, Wuxi China

Integration and Expansion

A Group Exhibit of Retuming Overseas Artists, Beijing

From the Heart Art Exhibition of Li Di,

Ningbo Museum of Art, Ningbo China

China-Xinjiang Contemporary Art Biennale, Xinjiang China

Width 5 , Museum of Contemporary Art Beijing

Li Di, Scenery-Borrowing, Gallery being3, Beijing China

Painting 2012 , Gallery49 Beijing


Running in Spiritual Fields - Li Dis Twenty Year Retrospective

Exhibition of Li Di, Today Art Museum, Beijing China

Chinese Painting Style, Today Art Museum, Beijing China

2006 Patt, calligraphic lightinstallation, Lamspringe

2005 China Kunst und Zeitenwandel, Deutscher Ring Hamburg


Torhaus-Gallery BBK, Braunschweig

Towngallery Altena, Museum of Fine Arts Mettmann

2003 Gallery Internationales Kulturhaus, Rennes, France

2002 5. Rhineland-Palatina Artfair, Mainz


ASAHI-Gallery, Tokio, Japan

Superior Institute of Technology, Luxemburg

Foyer for Young Art , Hannover

Art-Exhibition Rhineland-Palatinate, Dusseldorf


Siemens-Forum, Hannover

Herzog August Library, Wolfenbuttel


Gallery Rover, Nurnberg

Gallery Claudia Delank, Bremen

Museum Konigslutter

1996 Gallery Ulla Sommers, Dusseldorf


Menschenbilder, Gallery at the Kunstlerhaus, Hannover

Meisterschuler 95, Gallery of the HBK Braunschweig

1994 Gallery of the Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation, Bonn

1993 Torhaus-Gallery, Braunschweig

1992 The International Drawing Triennale Exhibition, Warsaw, Poland

1990 Annual International Exhibition of Miniature Art, Toronto, Kanada

1989 China Expressive Art , Museum of Chinese History, Beijing

1986 Museum of Fine Arts, Fukuoka, Japan


National Art-Gallery, Beijing

Gallery of the National Cultural Centre, Beijing