Yang Qian

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        Born in Chengdu, China.

    Currently lives and works in Beijing.


1978 -1982       Bachelor’s Degree of Arts, Sichuan Fine Arts  Institute, Chongqing, P.R. China.

1985 -1988       Master’s Degree of Fine Arts, University of Florida, USA.




2017  Sanya Museum of Contemporary Art  “Trace”   Sanya

        White Box Art Center  “The Wind through Beijing”   Beijing

2016    Museum of Contemporary Art Chengdu “Walking-Village of Zeng  Family”  Chengdu

2014    T Museum “Walking-Yang Qian ” Hang Zhou

2012    Feizi Gallery “Fragment” Brussels  Belgium

Tianren Heyi Art Center “Rebirth-Yang Qian” Hang Zhou

        Art Stage-Singapore/Fang Gallery,  Fragment and Illusion   Singapore

2010    Eli Klein Fine Art,Yang Qian Paintings   New York

        White Box Museum of Art,Art is Poison-Yang Qian’s Installation Work  Beijing

Suzhou Art Museum, Shredded Maze-Yang Qian’s New Painting  Suzhou

2009         Shanghai Z Art Center ,Media  Made-Yang Qian's New Works, Shanghai

                  Today Art Museum, Transmundane-Yang Qian’s New Paintings and Installations, Beijing

2008         Red Mansion Foundation, Painting After Painting-Yang Qian’s New works, London  UK

2007         Zengdai Museum of Modern Art ,Overlaping-New works by Yang Qian, Shanghai

2006         Today Art Museum, Neo-Painting by Yang Qian, Beijing



2017    China Fine Art Museum “Time Texture- Sichuan Art Institute     Beijing

Kunsthalle Darmstadt “Zoom-in Chongqing Malerei und Video” Germany

        Art Museum of Sichuan University “Uncertain-Contemporary Art  Exhibition”Chengdu

Maritime Museum  “Sharks and Humanity”    Hang Kong

        Shanshui Art Museum  “Scanning-Exhibition of Contemporary Art”  Beijing

        Jiang Hong Art Museum “Mixture World - Exhibition of Contemporary Art  Hangzhou



2016    Shanghai Himalayas Museum “Humanistic Nature And Society (Shan-Shui,)-An Insight 

        Into The Future”   Shanghai

        Today Art Museum “False Garden”     Beijing

        Changwon International Sculpture Biennale  Changwon  Korea

        Suncheong Bay Eco- Environmental Art Festival   Suncheong   Korea

2015    National Museum of China “On Sharks & Humanity”,   Beijing

        Shanghai Mingyuan Art Museum “Inframince Mindscape” Shanghai

    Museum Angerlehner, “Confronting Anitya - Oriental Experience in Contemporary Art”,

    Wels  Austria

Bonn Center for Contemporary Art “Post-Calligraphy in Chinese Contemporary Art ”

2014    Today Art Museum “ Yixiang Tiankai - The New Chinese Paintings”  Beijing

  United Art Museum “Chinese Contemporary Art Research Exhibition ”  Wuhan

        Carlshuette Art Center “Confronting Anitya- Oriental Experience in Contemporary Art”, Buedelsdorf Germany

        Gallery Loop “Digital Tri-angle”, Seoul  South Korea

        T Museum “Fusion Convergence” the Official Opening Exhibition of T Museum    HangZhou

OCA Exhibition Center“ China Art e Brazil” St .Paul Brazil

        Bonn Center for Contemporary Art “Confronting Anitya-Oriental Experience in Contemporary Art”

        National  Museum of  History “Rural, Scar, and Southwestern Soul- Works of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute”   Taipei

2013    The First China-Asian Biennale“Exchange and Integration” ,Nanning

Debrecen MODEM Art Center“Spectacle Reconstruction- Chinese Contemporary Art” Hungry

        Shanghai Contemporary Art Museum,“Portrait of the Time- 30 years in contemporary art”

        Shanghai Himalaya Art Museum,“Imagery” Shanghai


        Venice  Italy                          

        Art Santa Monica “Pure Views - Chinese New Painting” Barcelona, Spain

2012              9th Shanghai Biennale Zhongshan Park Project “On the Way Home”- Exhibition at Pudong International Airport, Shanghai

        Iberia Art Center “Looking Awry”- Invitational Contemporary Art Exhibition.  Beijing

Hannover Messe, Jet-lag-Invitational Exhibition of Contemporary Art from China and

Germany. Hannover, Germany.

The lst project Exhibition of the 4th Guangzhou Triennial De-Fascinating the China Imagination   Guangzhou

        China National Art Museum,20 Years in Sichuan- Art Collection Exhibition, Beijing

2011    Asia Art Museum, Pure Views-Contemporary Chinese New Paintings, San Francisco 

        Xi An Art Museum,First Chinese Contemporary Art Seminar and Exihibition  Xi An

  Chengdu Biennale Special Exhibition,The Continuate Flow,Chengdu Blueroof Museum of Art, Chengdu

Up-Lake Art Museum in Move,Come and Go,   Beijing


2010              Today Art Museum, Today’s Documents-Negotiation  Beijing

First Nanjing International Biennale,And Writers  Jiangsu Art Museum Nanjing

National Conference Center, Reshaping History-Chinart from 2000-2009  Beijing

Zendai Contemporary Art Exhibition Hall, San Sheng Wan Wu    Shanghai 

        Today Art Museum, Museum Collection Exhibition    Beijing

2009       Czech National Art Museum, Open Vision-Contemporary Art from China, Prague  Czechoslovakia

                  Cuba National Museum of Fine Art   New Art Revolution-Chinese Contemporary Art in Cuba,

                  Havana  Cuba              

Suzhou Art Museum   Embracing Suzhou-Invitational Contemporary Art Exhibition, Suzhou

                   Taiwan National Museum of Art, Speak and Describing -Chinese Contemporary Art  Taizhong, Taiwan

                  ( Travelling to National Art Museum of China,  Beijing )

                  Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei   Spectacle-To Each His Own, Taiwan

2008         Today Art Museum   The Love of Art-Collecting Contemporary Art in China, Beijing

                  Seville Biennale   Youniverse, Seville  Spain

                  Busan Biennale   Expenditure, Busan Museum of Modern Art  Busan  Korea

                  Nanjing Triennial   Reflexive Asia, Nanjing Museum  Nanjing  

                  Poznan Biennale   Mediations, Poznan  Poland

                  Singapore Art Museum   Accelerate-Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition, Singapore

                  Zengdai Museum of Modern Art   Invalving Project, Shanghai

                  Belvue Museum   Today’s China, Brussels  Belgium

                  National Museum of Indonesia   Sichuan Painters, Jarkata  Indonesia

2007  Museum of Contemporary Art at ZKM Thermocline of Art-New Asian Waves, Karlsruhe Germany 

                  Beijing Today Art Museum   Today’s Documents 2007-Energy, Beijing

National Museum of Contemporary Art Floating-New Generation of Art in China, Seoul  Korea      

                            Guang Dong art Museum   Departure from Southwest-Contemporary Art from Southwest of China, Guangzhou

                  PAN-Palazzo delle Arti di Napoli   La Cina e’vicina, Napoli  Italy

Kwangju City Museum of Art New Style From Beijing-Chinese Contemporary Art, Korea

2006         6th Shanghai Biennale   Hyper Design, Shanghai Art Museum  Shanghai

                  Taibei Art Museum   The Expansion in Realism-Paintings in China since 1978, Taiwan

                  He Xiangning Art Museum-Contemporary Art Center   One Time Consumption, Shenzhen

                  China Art Museum   Cross Culture-Four Artists Show, Beijing

                  China Millennium Art Museum   First Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition, Beijing

2005         Prague Biennale 2   Expanded Painting, Prague  Czech

                  Chengdu Biennale   Chengdu Museum of Modern Art, Chengdu




                  National Museum of Art, Beijing  China

                  K21 Museum for Contemporary Art, Germany

                  Franck Cohn Museum of Contemporary Art, UK

                  Guang Dong Art Museum, Guangzhou  China

                  Beijing Today Art Museum, Beijing  China

                  Shanghai Zhengda Museum of Modern Art, Shanghai  China

                  Museum of Art-Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, Chongqing  China

                  Annie Wong Art Foundation, Hong Kong

                  Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio in Bologna, Italy

                  Uli Sigg Foundation